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Tips on Buying the Best Mattress

Tips on Buying the Best Mattress

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One of my latest purchases in the house is a King sized mattress, the Dream Cloud mattress, to be exact. I’m so happy with this purchase that it made me feel like an expert in choosing a mattress. Of course, I know I’m not but if you are in the process of buying a mattress, here are some tips that have been very helpful in my search for the best mattress. By the way, Jenn also has a post about her mattress, the Aviya.

First of all, you need to ask yourself this,

Do You Need to Buy a New Mattress?

Only you or if you are with a significant other, both of you, can answer that question. For me and my husband, we thought about just purchasing an additional mattress topper so that we can save some money but after thinking things through and reading more about the support and comfort of mattresses, we decided to get a new mattress instead. Our problem with the mattress was lack of support, by the way.

It would be more cost effective going for a new mattress right now and getting one with proper support than risking it by buying a mattress topper and hoping that it improves the support. Needless to say, purchasing a new mattress was the right move for us but not everyone is in the same situation as us. If your mattress is still in very good condition but it’s lacking something, maybe buying a supplemental accessory is the best move, may be not, it’s entirely up to you. Reading up on mattresses and understanding the terms can really be helpful.

Once you’ve decided on buying a new mattress instead, here’s the next step.

Online Stores or B&M Retail Stores?

If you’ve been online (who hasn’t?), I’m sure you’ve seen countless ads about different mattresses being sold online at a fraction of the cost of those that are sold in brick and mortar shops. I’ve seen plenty and to be honest, these ads introduced me to the Dream Cloud. These ads are very effective and they make the mattress sound like it’s the best mattress ever made. But enough of that.

Online stores definitely have the advantage when it comes to prices as theirs’ are very attractive. Most online stores also offer these “sleep trials” wherein you can “test drive” the mattress at the comfort of your own home for a certain amount of days. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it and receive a full refund or pay a minimal fee, usually, transportation fee.

Online stores really do have the advantage over brick and mortar shops because let’s face it, mattresses at these shops are very expensive and it’s very seldom that you will receive an offer that is very similar to those “sleep trials”.

My advice, strongly consider buying online as they are more economical and they offer very good warranty and returns. You may be able to find the best mattress that is perfect for you if you take the risk. Don’t worry, you can read about the particular mattress that you are eyeing by visiting countless mattress review blogs. One such blog is MattressreviewsHQ, they can help you decide by giving a detailed review of the mattress.

Read Up On Mattress Types and Materials

Yes, this sounds so boring but it can bear great results if you do take the time. I admit, I did the research reluctantly but in the end, I learned a lot and knew what to look for. I wanted the comfort of memory foam, support of latex and springs so I chose the Dream Cloud. The Dream Cloud is a mattress that has latex, memory foam, springs and a Cashmere cover so I think I did fine in choosing to buy it.


Choosing the right material will mostly depend on your preference so read and learn about them because even though a particular mattress is very good and you are really tempted to get it because of all the good reviews, it won’t matter if in the end, it has a material that you don’t like. You will want to like the mattress because it’s rated highly but deep down, you won’t because the material does not give you the performance that you want.

Another reason why you should research is for your safety. Foam contains a lot of chemicals, as well as some of the materials used in the cover of a mattress. Learning about which ones are safe is important. For foams, you should always look for those that are CertiPUR certified because these are tested to be safe and won’t harm your health.

So far, these are the tips that I can share with you when it comes to purchasing a mattress. I did all these and I’m quite happy with the mattress that I ended up buying. Hopefully, you also find one that you will love!

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