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Are Adjustable Bed Bases Worth it?

Are Adjustable Bed Bases Worth it?

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Are adjustable beds worth the money? My husband and I have been thinking of getting one for our bedroom and right now, we are weighing our options and thinking really hard about getting one. It’s an expensive piece of furniture and we don’t want to buy one on impulse, we want to learn more about them before spending.

Adjustable beds have been getting really popular recently and it was not long ago that the only place where you can experience them were in hospitals. My husband and I want to live our lives to the fullest and one of our goals is to build a home where we can enjoy some luxuries that we can afford. Right now, we have our eyes set on adjustable beds.

We are still in the research phase and these are the things that we have learned.

Adjustable beds have a lot of health benefits and to be honest, we kind of already knew that. We just didn’t know what these benefits are.

Blood Circulation

Being able to adjust the position of certain parts of your body as you sleep can do a lot for your blood circulation. And we all know, improving your circulation is great for your heart as it will make it work more efficiently. Something simple as raising your legs can make it easier for your heart to pump blood all over your body.


One of the main causes of snoring is your sleeping position, specifically, your head. When you lay flat on your mattress, a restricted oxygen pathway can make it hard for air to travel and this is what makes the snoring sound. An adjustable bed can help by elevating your head for air to travel without any hindrance.

GERD and Acid Reflux

Adjustable beds can provide relief for people with GERD, acid reflux or heartburn. The acid in your stomach is the main culprit in this condition and if your upper body is slightly elevated while you are sleeping, the acid stays in your stomach. When you lay flat, acid can travel to your esophagus.

Ache and Pain Relief

Aches and pains when you wake up is almost entirely due to a bad sleeping position where certain parts of your body experience pressure or in case of back pain, the spine is misaligned. With an adjustable beds, pressure points in the mattress can be minimized or entirely eliminated. A simple adjustment can also result in better weight distribution and this will take the weight off areas of your body that are prone to developing aches and pain such as the lower back.

Now, while all of these above are great, adjustable beds are not perfect. There are a lot of “cons” to them as well. Here they are.

Cost and Mechanical in Nature

One of the biggest disadvantages of adjustable beds as compared to standard beds is the cost. They are very expensive and a basic entry level model can cost as much as $600-$800. One with features such as massage, presets, etc. can go upwards of $2,000 so it’s not something that should be purchased on a whim.

Since there are a lot of moving parts in an adjustable bed, the chances of it malfunctioning is high. You should expect that one day, something will break or fail and that you will have to have it serviced and this can to the overall cost of having an adjustable bed.


There are models that operate silently but even the most silent model will have a buzzing sound when you are adjusting the position of your bed. This is not a very big issue but it can be one if your partner is already sleeping and you need to adjust the position on your side of the bed.


They are very heavy and they will weigh at least 500lbs. This might not be a big deal at first but if you want to change its location by yourself or even with the help of someone, expect to burn some calories and sweat. Also, make sure that the floor of your bedroom can handle the weight of the bed, the mattress and the people sleeping in it.

So far, these are the results of our research into buying an adjustable bed. We are still on the fence about buying one but hopefully, if you are too, then this can help you. Let me know if you do buy one and tell me about your experience!

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